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By September 21, 2017Case Studies


In legal industry there will be many instances where lawsuits related to personal injuries, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, compensation to workers for accidents during work will be taken up. Managing such lawsuits by having a software offering all the details in hand while defending their clients is very useful to law firms. This case study is of a client located in USA, having chain of law firms.

Client Requirements/Problems/Looking For Solutions

The client initially had the software in windows application for updating and tracking their hearings. To work in a network from home or away RDP protocol was used which was not much secure and would harm the security of clients data. Hence they arrived at the idea of developing a web based application.

Bow And Baan Role

Bow and Baan collected the requirements from the vendor, understood the daily activities, day to day scenarios of the client’s processes and developed a full fledged web based application with good security features as per the client requirement. As it was a new domain, we had initial hiccups in understanding the terminologies and the processes. The software was being regularly maintained by us and any new changes as required by the clients were being incorporated within the least possible time. Orientation on the usage of the software was provided to the client along with support during their working hours.

Our Analysis

We analyzed their windows application. Based on their inputs, there were no reports generated. Most of the activities were done manually. After an in-depth analysis, we had come up with a web based solution for the client that was user friendly. We incorporated in the web application many automations.

Suggestions Or Recommendations

As case handling has become very difficult to manage we have automated the activity. The developed software has made the scope for import of all lead details from respective lead management software (like sugar, litify) much easier. A document manager and customized templates manager has been developed.

Effect For The Client After Following Our Software

Email incorporation has helped the client in sending mails directly from the application. Reminders for appearances, court hearings, appointments are incorporated. All activities done for a case can be viewed at a single time with all required details. Automated reports are generated weekly, monthly etc.

The Result

When we started the exercise, the numbers of employees were 50. Now, the number of employees increased to 200. They are able to handle more number of cases with ease.

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