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In the age of digital of everything, it’s no surprise that e-learning has gained popularity amongst students. Learning anywhere, anytime has become a practice and is more frequently used in schools and universities – a major business driver for e-learning solution providers.
The client – a veterinary college, required its courses to be delivered online to its students. The solution was to be easily accessible and used whenever it’s most convenient for students.

Client Requirements/Problems/Looking For Solutions

Due to government veterinary education regulations and PETA decorum, University had to come up with a simulated version of dissection procedure and also enable students to study at their own pace.
The client needed an e-Module on clinical anatomy of procedure. This e-module was to be designed as a video based tutorial incorporating:
  1. Clinical anatomical knowledge inputs to help in handling surgical procedures
  2.  Details of the internal structure of animal’s anatomy
  3. Video demonstration including surgical procedures along with – Surgical anatomy (application of anatomy for surgical diagnosis and treatment), Radiographic anatomy (using radiographic films like XRays, studying anatomy like bones), Cadaver demonstration of topographical study (a corpse surgically opened and its organs studied).
  4. The video with the above-mentioned processes was to be compiled with audio.
    The main emphasis here was not to kill animals as and when they needed to demonstrate and explain to students about dissection.

Bow And Baan Role

We created a video of the anatomical process having the tutorial and incorporated the same into an e-learning module, easily understandable by the students who plan to use it for learning anatomy.

Our Analysis

Virtual Anatomy applications would help students understanding before they enter laboratory knowing what is expected. The application would allow use of virtual scalpel and forceps for conducting virtual dissections and learning about it, rather than killing animals for the purpose. It would also enhance their dissection experience and can help in learning effectively. This is because the application not only displays the parts of the body but also clearly indicate spatial relationships.

Effect For The Client After Following Our Software

The students who used it found it to be very useful and easy to learn with, since they could refer to it anywhere and anytime. Also the course instructors found it to be of great help while guiding the students on the whole process of dissection.

Percentage Efficiency Increase/Problems Reduced

Virtual dissections aren’t just animal savers. These are readied to inspire and insight students to learn in an interesting way, beyond the walls of classes or labs. Today, more than 60% of young learners resort to virtual simulations of dissections and similar smart online initiatives. The solutions being easily consumable by students with readily available modules made available by providers.

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