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All colleges, universities look for software which would help to carry on with their day to day activities like admissions for courses and examinations process, in an easy, seamless and accurate manner. The client, a university situated in Maharashtra was looking for similar software to address their administrative woes.

Client Requirements/Problems/Looking For Solutions

The client’s administration system was paper-based and manual, heavily dependent on manpower. Be it admissions or examinations, both candidates and university staff had to interact face to face to get things and formalities completed.
To overcome these difficulties and also meet government directives the client wanted a web based online admission process and student cycle management software. They wanted a software system for functions such as online admission, examinations, result preparation, various reports. Also, to improve the usage of information and communication technology within its constituent colleges for smooth conduct of the above functions. The proposed Web Based Online Admission Process and Student Cycle Management Software was to be a complete integrated system using web based architecture connecting all the constituent colleges across client’s jurisdiction and facilitating students centric services.

Bow And Baan Role/Analysis

Bow and Baan team visited the client premises to understand their day to day processes for student cycle management system. Then requirements were gathered accordingly and the software was developed. During their admission process we were available to understand in depth each process and developed the admission module. Later on the lines of the software architecture and admission module, other modules like transfer, students portal, convocation and question paper modules were developed.

Effect For The Client After Following Our Software

Powered by an automated system which managing seat allocation and distribution and auto generates reminders, the admission process of the client became seamless and was more systematized. Also, with easy upload of forms, pre-set structured feedback and alerts, candidates were abreast of their application status.

Percentage Efficiency Increase/Problems Reduced

After implementing the software we were able to save more than 80-90% of client’s time in coordinating their admission process. As it became automated, staff efficiency increased too and the paperwork volume reduced significantly. Not to mention, with everything online, there was 100% elimination of requirement of physical presence for form submission.

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