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A Steaming Froth Of Employee Management

The tiring and boring days of HR personnel will be boring no more. Employee Management Software is there to the rescue. It combines various processes for easy management of business and employee data at multiple locations. The result? Reduced HR workload. The software is a master data collector, acquiring, storing, analyzing and distributing information related to various stakeholders. This involves tracking employee history, skills, abilities, salaries, attendance records and accomplishments.

From recruitment to reporting, payroll to performance evaluation, this software is the robin to the recruitment manager’s batman. It is competent to handle employee journey from recruitment till resignation/retirement/death.

Employee Management – The Video


A Sip Of Smoothness

One Stop Employee Overview

Employee details like evaluation, medical checkup, offer letter, joining letter and profile – now at one place.

Complete Recruitment Management

Efficient recruitment handling process till employee receives joining letter.

Track Employee Presence

Mark attendance, view leave and process salary.

Track PF/ESI

Capture and generate organization’s monthly PF/ESI.


  • Employee addition/deletion report
  • Leave/attendance report
  • PF/ESI report
  • Gratuity report
  • Bank letter/statement
  • Salary/wage report

Additional Features

  • Resignation details of employees – tracked and manually updatable
  • Handling statutory details like PF and ESI becomes easy
  • Appraisal details for subordinates – easily updatable
  • Subsequent promotion/salary details for employees updatable too
  • Capture transfer details of employee from one unit to another.
  • Create relieving letter for employees who have resigned.
  • Minute details of exit interview – can be captured.
  • Reminder to the employees approaching retirement.
  • Provide Service Certificate for resigned and retired employees.
  • Generate Settlement form for resigned and retired employees.

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