Case Management

A Counselor’s Cup To Case Resolution


A Refreshing Brew For The Firm

Breathing new life into the work of law firms, Case Management Software supports firms, in seamlessly managing their cases. This software is indeed a gem of an assistant. It captures case details from enquiries and assists in quick and efficient resolution of proceedings before the Court. Quick and smart decisions? Possible with this customizable software providing information about the case, its entities, tasks, notes, calendar, court hearing, etc. The cherry on top is Automation configuration helping automate many activities, reducing human intervention.

Case Management – The Video


The Magic Beans At Work

Details, All At Once

Be it case details, claimant/plaintiff details along with their family details – provision to record all at one place.

Smart Search

Find all present and past cases with ease. Either by file/case number or claimant/plaintiff name.

Enhanced Tracking

Easy day to day activity tracking, of Tasks, Notes, Diaries, Appointment, Appearances or Phone calls.

Ease Of Data Entry

Fee Details, payment details, Settlement Details, etc. Easy data updates for every case and appearance.

Document Repository

Store all case related documents, a “Document Repository” is available.


  • Intake report
  • Settlement report
  • Referred out report
  • Case source report
  • Advanced report
  • Calendar report
  • Log report

Additional Features

  • From intake person to settling attorney, identify assigned staff for each case. Set roles and access privileges to them based on designation.
  • A user-friendly template manager to create your own templates, meaning easy document generation for cases.
  • Any particular module or any data with “Mass Update” updating becomes easy.
  • Reminders that alert you of upcoming workflow activity.
  • All reminders can be viewed in the Calendar.
  • “Notifications” – easy to create and easy to find in Inbox.
Now, manage your cases with that exact methodical perfection you bring to the courtroom.