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By September 21, 2017Case Studies


The client located in Chennai, originally started as “Sheep Farm” and later enlarged into a major live stock breeding unit. The unit undergoes activities like research, various courses, veterinary hospital, etc.

Client Requirements/Problems/Looking For Solutions

The client was facing many issues in maintaining different data and also generating the reports. The data like the details of the animals in the unit was collected manually and was uploaded into a desktop application. They were looking for a solution like a web based application that is user friendly, would help them in gathering all the required details and also generate various reports that could help them in tracking their daily activities. The software was to be accessed from any corner of the world through web with enhanced security.

Bow And Baan Role

Bow and Baan had gathered all the inputs given by the client, had various rounds of discussion with client, generating prototypes of the software and getting them clarified by the client regularly. Regular interaction with client helped in reducing the gaps and creating a wholesome product which could exactly fit as a key to their issue.

Our Analysis

Based on our pre-study of the project adhoc processes were followed in collecting, registering and updating the data into the system. It was difficult to get accurate reports. We arrived at the software that gave useful dashboards, various types of reports, timely stock position and other tables with complete details of the animals.

Suggestions Or Recommendations

We suggested to use one of the prime parameters like sow number to track all activities such as mating, farrowing, weaning. This helped the client to check the whole history of the SOW.

Effect For The Client After Following Our Software

Client has found the software to be very useful in terms of the automation for calculations, data generation, reminders for the next stages in the process, report generations in just a click either monthly/quarterly/annually. The best part is that it’s a user friendly software, even the junior technicians could easily adapt to it and work with it in a hassle free manner.

Percentage Efficiency Increase/Problems Reduced

Once the software was installed, the efficiency of the staff improved to a larger extent by more than 80%. It helped our client in eradicating the errors entered manually and of course the time they spent over data entry.

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